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What We Do

Morgan Armstrong delivers bespoke go-to-market services to technology companies that genuinely have something to contribute to the performance of organizations in the global information economy.

Custom research

MA research provides answers to key questions facing technology marketers -- including the credibility of value propositions, key purchasing decision factors and potential obstacles to market acceptance.

Content development

MA supports your strategic and tactical marketing efforts with cogent, compelling and easily digestible content -- including white papers, solution briefs and blogs/vblogs.

Live engagement

MA optimizes your engagement with target audiences by ensuring you make the most of all of your live events -- including customer summits, reseller councils, executive roundtable and online webinars.

Vertical markets

MA brings specialized expertise to the table for technology providers targeting specific vertical markets and/or business functions, including:

  • Banking/Financial Services

  • Insurance

  • Healthcare

  • ​Retail

  • Casual/Fast Casual Dining

  • MSPs 

  • Legal/Professional

  • Manufacturing/Industrial

  • Public Sector

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